Jimbo Sits Down with WYEP Local 913, Talks About the New Single 87%

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Jimbo Jackson, the charismatic front man for the Pittsburgh collective Jimbo & The Soupbones, got into music later than you’d think.

“I started playing music on a whim. I had two boys, growing up, raised them. When I turned 35 years old, they were graduating high school and moving on, I bought a guitar. It was on the bucket list that maybe one day I’ll learn to do this. Two years later, I had a band. It was pretty neat with no experience; I was never in a choir or running around singing. I never had friends who told me I had a good voice.”

I never had friends who told me I had a good voice.”Jimbo

Jimbo found some early musical success in the area.

“Shortly after I started getting into music, I won an acoustic contest at Molly Brannigans in Mt. Lebanon. The prize was a paid gig, you got a $500 paid gig. I didn’t have a band. The staff there said they knew a couple people that may play. Today one of those guys is our percussionist, one’s our guitarist and we picked up a couple more people and made a band. It’s been the same guys.”

A standout track on Thursday’s Grapes, their new release, is the song 87% – where Jimbo claims he’s just trying to be honest.

“By the time I got to the 87%, I was trying to be a realistic. This is absolutely what I put into this relationship. If I called it 100, I’d be lying. I wouldn’t be running out playing shows and having a million extra-curricular activities. In hind sight, we’re all Pittsburgh boys. We’re all Pittsburgh fans of the black and gold. We’re big all Sid Crosby fans, so 87 had a little side meaning for us.”

More on Jimbo & The Soupbones is at their website.

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